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e-Crime & Artificial Intelligence Forum July 2018 – Dr Subhajit Basu

Subhajit Basu, Associate Professor, Cyber Law, University of Leeds was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the  International Conference where 700 people, including Ministers, attended.


Subhajit’s presentation ” ‘Mallet against the machine’: Regulating the AI Landscape’ ” is attached and an abstract of the presentation is summarised here:

• In order to make automation effective, feeding a vast amount of data is necessary. How do you ensure that this data is used in a secure way and for the right purposes?
• What are the legal implications if a machine learning platform gets hacked?
• The connected landscape needs greater regulation. But how do you implement this, especially when there is a stigma that ‘lawyers don’t understand technology and technology professionals don’t understand the law’!