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Thomas GrossData Science

Thomas’s research interests include cloud security assurance, applied cryptography and human factors of cyber security, especially employing evidence-based methods to gain authoritative insights in cyber security.

He has been responsible for topology-based and confidentiality-preserving security assurance of large-scale dynamically changing cloud systems, employing techniques from formal analysis and digital signature schemes to advance their security and privacy properties.

His main focus in relation to cloud crime is to improve the resilience and assurance of cloud systems against intrusions and cyber crime in the wider sense. His research has for instance been employed by global financial institutions to ascertain the security properties of their private clouds.

Thomas has worked inter-inter-disciplinarily in a wide range of security and privacy topics, including identity federation, privacy-enhancing technologies, human factors of security and privacy as well as evidence-based methods to obtain authoritative cyber security results.


Tel: 0191 208 8987

Website: Click here