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Jo CurtisPeople

Jo Curtis – one of our temporary Research Associates working with Gavin Oxburgh

Jo has just started with us in October 2019 and she is based with our CRITiCaL team in the Urban Science Building –

My background is in Forensic Psychology, and I am primarily interested in the causes, investigation and policing of anti-social behaviour. I am currently involved with the CRITiCaL project, examining human aspects of cybercrime, including routes to victimisation and offending, and the investigation and prevention of these offences.

My research interests are relatively broad and include:

  • Psychologically-informed policingand public policy
  • Cyber-security and Cyber-crime; causes, evolution, detection and prevention
  • Investigative strategies including optimal information-gathering at interview, lead generation
  • Criminal Justice; evidential testing, evaluation, case-building, protection of innocent suspects
  • Social Justice; civil and human rights violations, (in)equality, prejudice, hate-crimes
  • Crime Prevention; risk awareness and community interventions, signposting, rehabilitation
  • Causes of Conflict; propaganda, dehumanisation, institutional violence including war crimes
  • Cooperation between individuals in high-stakes situations, strategies creating common ground


Publications: Journal Articles:

Giebels, E., Oostinga, M., Taylor, P., & Curtis, J. (2017).

The cultural dimension of uncertainty avoidance impacts police–civilian interaction. Law And Human Behavior, 41(1), 93-102. doi: 10.1037/lhb0000227

Conference Presentations:

Sensemaking and Concessions in Crisis Negotiations. International Association of Conflict Management (2015); Clearwater Beach, FL