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Take-home messages from the Digital Enlightenment 2019 Conference

The leitmotif of the conference was Fixing the Democracy. Among the suggested
methods, the most discussed was Citizens’ Assemblies – two speakers (Cato Leonard
and Clodagh Harris) shared their positive experience…

CRITiCaL Quarterly Meeting – Newcastle University 11th October 2019

A compact and compressed Quarterly event was held on Friday 11th October to make sure as many people could attend.

Attention was given to updates on Research outcomes and current…

Article by David S. Wall – Just Published in The Conversation

Published 27th August – Either click on to link below or see this in our publications section:


CRITiCaL Quarterly Meeting – Durham University July 2019

Our July Quarterly was hosted at Durham University with a nearly full compliment of our team which has again proved how our collaboration is getting stronger.

Thank you to Noura…

New Paper Added to Website

Order Matters: Shuffling Sequence Generation for Video Prediction

Authors Include Yu Guan and Bingzhang Hu

Please take a look at our newly updated Publication section for details.

Publication Section



CRITiCaL Quarterly Meeting – Leeds 2nd May 2019

A busy and packed meeting was held at Leeds with some of the criteria headings being discussed as below:

Mapping out the conceptual underpinnings of the changing Cybercrime threat

Understanding Cybercrime…

Future Dates for Quarterly Meetings and Locations


22nd Oct – Newcastle  University


28th January 2020 –  location TBC

More dates to be added soon.

2 New RA’s Appointed for CRITICaL Integration – May 2019

We have pleasure in welcoming both Stephen Bonner and Amir Atapour Abarghouei to the CRITICaL Team.

They  will work on research challenges such as integrating network/cloud-related time series data of…

New Space for CRITICaL – Newcastle University

Dr Thomas Gross is heading up a venture for a dedicated space for the CRITICaL team within one of Newcastle University’s Sustainable Award Winning buildings, the Urban Sciences Building…

Latest Events – Pam Briggs – RISCS Invited Speaker

Pam Briggs was invited by members of the National Cyber Security Centre to speak on Behaviour change interventions around cyber insurance at the RISCS (Research Institute in the Science…