Investigating Criminal Activity in the Cloud

Investigating Criminal Activity in the Cloud

2 New RA’s Appointed for CRITICaL Integration – May 2019


We have pleasure in welcoming both Stephen Bonner and Amir Atapour Abarghouei to the CRITICaL Team. They  will work on research challenges such as integrating network/cloud-related time series data of very diverse and heterogeneous nature, developing innovative strategies for estimating the ‘state’ of a cloud system, detecting anomalies, natural language processing and predicting potential cybercrime. They will also assist in the process of developing evidence for prosecutions is a crucial aspect of this work, as such there will be an emphasis to create systems yielding human-understandable knowledge.

Welcome to the Team.


CRITiCaL Quarterly Meeting – Leeds 2nd May 2019

A busy and packed meeting was held at Leeds with some of the criteria headings being discussed as below: Mapping out the conceptual underpinnings of the changing Cybercrime threat Understanding Cybercrime from a (Computer) Science perspective Investigating cybercriminals and advising the criminal justice system on matters of processWe may be able to disclose some of the content in the next events update. Please keep looking.

Cloud Crime Ecosystem.

We are investigating the cybercrime ecosystem arising from the impact of cloud technologies upon the cybercrime threat landscape which focuses upon data breaches, DDoS attacks and spamming. This research is pursued by the social sciences team and led from the University of Leeds.

Northern Cloud Crime Centre

“The Cloud” introduces some entirely new complications to the identification, and policing, of crime on the internet, especially with regard to investigating and enforcing regulation.

It is primarily a new force multiplier which dramatically extends the reach of criminals globally and technologically; far beyond that which the internet currently facilitates. For the uninitiated, cloud technologies essentially share computing processing facilities on demand and while the potential of ‘cloud’ is still evolving for the purposes of this discussion, ‘The Cloud’ is the extra cyberspace that cloud technologies create; a space that creates much good and also much evil.



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